Cute Enid Drawing – Easy Step by Step

Enid Drawing Steps EAsy

🎨 In this Cute Enid Drawing step-by-step tutorial, we’ll learn how to draw Cute Enid from the TV Series Wednesday easily.

Who is Enid? Enid is a tall, cheerful gal with bright blonde hair, blue eyes, and funky blue and pink highlights. Her wardrobe is a burst of colors and fluffiness, rocking vibrant sweaters and fun outfits. She’s the sweetest friend 💙💖ever, especially to Wednesday Addams, but watch out—she can get sassy and fierce too! 🔥 Embrace your own quirks as Enid does, and be confident and cool! 🌈

Materials Required:

To get started, gather the following materials:

📝 Paper
✏️ Pencil
🧽 Eraser
🖍️ Pencil Colors, color markers, or crayons.

Let’s start drawing by following step-by-step instructions

Enid Drawing Steps

Step 1: Drawing Enid Face and Hair

👩 Begin by drawing a round shape for Enid’s face. Extend a part of her hair from the side, which we’ll continue working on later. 😊

Enid Drawing Steps

Step 2: Drawing the Eyes and Highlights

👀 Add two circles for Enid’s eyes. Inside each eye, draw smaller circles to represent the highlights, giving her an adorable expression. 😍

Enid Drawing Steps

Step 3: Creating Eyebrows, Smile, Neck, and Arms

😊 Create two curved lines above the eyes to form her eyebrows. Add a small curve for a cute smile. Draw her neck and two angular lines downwards to outline her arms. 😄

Enid Drawing Steps

Step 4: Drawing Enid’s Body and Skirt

⌛ For her body, draw two symmetrical, slightly curved lines to define her waist. At the end of these lines, add zigzag lines to create the bottom of her skirt. 🌺

Enid Drawing Steps

Step 5: Sketching the Legs

Draw two legs connecting to the skirt from the center as shown in the image. It’s easy! 😊

Enid Drawing Steps

Step 6: Adding Shoes and Socks

👟 Draw Enid’s shoes and add three dashes to represent the shoe laces. Also, draw two lines on both legs to make the socks. 😁

Enid Drawing Steps

Step 7: Adding Details to Enid’s Sweater

👕 Now, let’s add some design details to Enid’s sweater. Draw borders at the neck and waist of her outfit. 💕

Enid Drawing Steps

Step 8: Completing the Beautiful Hair

Finish drawing Enid’s beautiful hair, making it pointy at the ends. Add some flair to match her funky style. 💇‍♀️

Enid Drawing Steps EAsy

Step 9: Adding Colors to Cute Enid Drawing

🖍️ Finally, the fun part! Color Enid with her signature bright blonde hair, blue eyes, and vibrant outfits. Embrace her uniqueness! 🎨

Great job! You’ve successfully drawn Cute Enid from the TV Series Wednesday. 🎉


🌟 Drawing Cute Enid might have seemed challenging at first, but by following these simple steps, you’ve accomplished an amazing artwork. Remember, practice is key, and with time, your drawing skills will improve even further.

Now that you’ve mastered drawing Enid, why not try your hand at other adorable characters from your favorite TV shows or movies? The world of drawing is limitless, and with each stroke, you’ll discover your creativity soaring high.

So, keep drawing and exploring your artistic side! Happy sketching! 😊

Watch the video for visual guidance:

Draw Enid Wednesday | How to Draw Cute Girl Enid – Easy Drawing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. How long does it take to draw Cute Enid?
A. Drawing times can vary from person to person, but on average, it might take around 15-30 minutes to complete this drawing.

Q2. Can I use color markers instead of pencils for this drawing?
A. Absolutely! You can use color markers or crayons instead of pencils to add vibrant colors to your artwork.

Q3. I’m a beginner, can I still draw Cute Enid easily?
A. Definitely! This tutorial is designed for artists of all skill levels, including beginners. Just take it one step at a time, and you’ll create a fantastic drawing.

Q4. What other characters can I draw in the same style?
A. You can try drawing other characters from the TV Series Wednesday or explore characters from different shows with similar art styles.

Q5. Where can I find similar video tutorials for easy drawings?
A. You can find a treasure trove of similar video tutorials on the YouTube channel @CuteEasyDrawings. Check out the channel for more fun and simple drawing ideas!

Remember, each drawing is an expression of your unique creativity, so have fun, experiment, and enjoy the journey of artistry! 🎨✨