20 Cute Easy Things to Draw

Materials Required

To begin this drawing tutorial, gather the following materials:

  1. Paper
  2. Pencil
  3. Eraser
  4. Pencil colors, color markers, or crayons

Now, let’s explore 20 Cute Easy Things to Draw that kids can easily create. These drawings cover various themes and subjects, offering a wide range of options for their artistic endeavours. Remember, the key is to have fun and let their imagination flourish!

1. Drawing an Umbrella ☂️

20 Cute Easy Things to Draw

Delight in rainy day vibes by drawing a cute umbrella. Use simple lines for the handle and curve the lines to form the canopy. Add patterns or colors to make it even more cheerful.

2. Drawing a Ball

easy Ball Drawing

Capture the joy of play by drawing a ball. Start with a circle, then add curves or lines to indicate its shape. Kids can choose to draw different types of balls, such as soccer balls or basketballs.

3. Drawing a Boat

Boat Drawing Easy

Embark on an imaginary sailing adventure by drawing a boat. Begin with a simple boat shape, then add details like a waves, mast, sail, and portholes to bring it to life.

4. Drawing a House 🏠

House drawing easy

Create a cozy home on paper by drawing a cute house. Start with a square or rectangle for the base, then add a triangular roof. Kids can personalize it by drawing their dream house.

5. Drawing a Tree 🌳

plam tree drawing easy

Creating a palm tree drawing is a breeze for kids! Start with a long vertical line for the trunk, add curved lines for the fronds. Color it with vibrant shades and imagine yourself in a sunny paradise. 🌴✨

6. Drawing a Watermelon 🍉

watermelon drawing easy

Embrace the sweetness of summer by drawing a watermelon. Start with an oval shape, then add the signature stripes and seeds. Kids can use different shades of green and red to make it look delicious.

7. Drawing an Ice Cream 🍦

ice cream drawing easy

Indulge in the delight of ice cream by drawing. Begin with a rectangular shape for the ice cream, then add a stick at the bottom. Kids can have fun experimenting with different colors.

8. Drawing a Castle 🏰

castle drawing easy

Enter a fairy tale world by drawing a castle. Start with simple geometric shapes for the towers and add details like windows, flags, and a grand entrance. Kids can imagine themselves as kings or queens in their castle.

9. Drawing a Sun ☀️

sun drawing easy

Capture the radiance of the sun by drawing a smiling sun. Begin with a circle, then add small lines for rays. Kids can color it with vibrant shades to bring warmth to their drawings.

10. Drawing a Hat 👒

hat drawing easy

Get fashionable by drawing a stylish hat. Start with a simple oval or rectangle for the base, then add a flower. Kids can design hats for different occasions or characters.

11. Drawing a Drink 🍹

drink drawing easy

Quench the artistic thirst by drawing a refreshing drink. Start with a cup or glass shape, then add a straw. Kids can explore different beverages and create their own concoctions.

12. Drawing an Anchor

Anchor drawing easy

Set sail on a nautical journey by drawing an anchor. Begin with a vertical line for the anchor’s shaft, then add curved lines for the hooks. Kids can add waves or a rope for an authentic touch.

13 Drawing a Pencil ✏️

pencil drawing easy

Celebrate the tool of creativity by drawing a pencil. Begin with a straight line for the shaft, then add the eraser and details like a sharpened tip or patterned design. Kids can experiment with different pencil styles.

14. Drawing a Flower Pot 🌺

flower pot drawing easy

Cultivate beauty on paper by drawing a flower pot. Start with a simple pot shape, then add flowers and leaves using basic lines and curves. Kids can choose their favorite flowers to draw.

15. Drawing a Cake 🎂

cake drawing easy

Satisfy the artistic sweet tooth by drawing a delectable cake. Begin with layers using simple shapes, then add candles, frosting, and decorations. Kids can let their imagination run wild with flavors and designs.

16. Drawing a Ladybug 🐞

Ladybug drawing easy

Embrace the charm of nature’s little wonders by drawing a ladybug. Begin with a small oval for the body, then add spots, antennae, and delicate wings. Kids can give their ladybug a friendly expression.

17. Drawing a Mirror 🪞

mirror drawing easy

Reflect artistic brilliance by drawing a mirror. Begin with a rectangular shape, then add a frame and handle. Kids can experiment with different mirror shapes and decorate the frame with patterns.

18. Drawing Nail Polish 💅

nailpolish drawing easy

Dive into the world of beauty by drawing a nail polish bottle. Start with a rectangular shape, then add the cap, eyes and smile. Kids can create their own nail polish shades.

19. Drawing Lipstick 💄

lipstick drawing easy

Unleash creativity with a touch of glamour by drawing a lipstick. Begin with a cylinder shape, then add the cap and twist mechanism. Kids can have fun choosing their favorite lipstick shades.

20. Drawing a Lollipop 🍭

Lollipop drawing easy

Delight in the sweetness of childhood by drawing a colorful lollipop. Experiment with different shapes and expressions to make it pop on the paper.


Drawing cute and easy things is a delightful way to express your artistic skills and creativity. Whether you choose to sketch nature-inspired subjects, sweet treats, everyday objects, or playful designs, each illustration allows you to explore different techniques and unleash your imagination. Remember to have fun with your drawings and enjoy the process. So, grab your drawing supplies and start creating these adorable artworks today!

FAQs about 20 Cute Easy Things to Draw

  1. Can I draw these cute things even if I’m a beginner?
    • Absolutely! These drawings are designed to be easy and suitable for beginners. Just take it step by step and enjoy the process.
  2. What if my drawing doesn’t turn out perfect?
    • Don’t worry about perfection! Drawing is all about practice and improvement. Embrace the imperfections and use them as learning opportunities.
  3. How can I add my personal touch to these drawings?
    • Feel free to add your own creative flair to these illustrations. Experiment with colors, patterns, and additional elements to make them uniquely yours.
  4. Can I use different art mediums for these drawings?
    • Absolutely! These drawings can be adapted to various art mediums such as colored pencils, markers, or even digital art tools.
  5. Where can I find more drawing inspiration?
    • You can find inspiration everywhere! Look around you, explore art books or online platforms, and even take inspiration from your own experiences and imagination.

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